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Nobody goes into anything hoping to fail. In retrospect, the few stumbling blocks I came across as a nursing student made me a stronger being. An intensive journey of pruning that helped me realize that the “hard things” that seem unattainable are very much attainable. Literally, nothing seems too far-fetched for me unless I’m not interested.

Clinical experiences aside, a hard pill I had to swallow is that as a spiritual being, there are some failures one simply cannot pray away. There are some failures that one must go through & sometimes it’s not just about the goal at hand…

In a few weeks I’ll be graduating from NP school.

It’s been a rough ride but God has been faithful. I decided to write about how to find preceptors for those in NP school searching for a preceptorship site. One of the major reasons I moved out of state for my NP program was to avoid searching for my own preceptor/sites. Its already draining enough being in a full-time NP program and working as a RN. It’s imperative to consider whether or not your program will find a preceptorship site before committing to the program. I mean, ezz too…

As a Nurse practitioner student in the diaspora, I’m constantly asked what the role of a Nurse Practitioner is. I initially thought this was an ignorant question because why? Google is everyones friend.

So.. who is a Nurse Practitioner (NP), ahem — & how relevant can they be in a country like Nigeria where the Physician-to-patient ratio is 4:10,000 (WHO, 2015). Nurse Practitioners earn a Masters or Doctorate Degree with extensive clinical training. A NP must first earn a Bachelor Degree of Nursing (RN) before proceeding on to earn a Nurse Practitioner degree. I’ll encourage prospective students to apply to…

The best time to build your relationships and network is before you need it. The best time to keep that relationship strong is always” — Dr Ola Brown.

I attended a 30 minute webinar hosted by Helium Health on June 12th, 8AM EST. The guest speaker was Dr. Ola Brown; Founder of Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment group. It’s the first ever Nigerian webinar I attended and hoped to get an understanding of how individuals in the Business area of the Healthcare sector in Nigeria reason.

Dr. Ola Brown started by discussing an important concept of business and that is…

Kafilat Shobajo NP-C, MPH.

A Nurse Practitioner and Public Health professional dedicated to providing care for vulnerable populations & underserved communities.

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